Sunday School,

There’s a Place for YOU!

Sunday School is a place where not only churches can be transformed, but so can you as an individual. It doesn’t matter if you are 1 month old or 99 years old! We have options for EVERYONE here at Walnut Grove. Sunday School starts at 10am and is over at 10:45am. Below you will find information about our classes. If you want more information call the church office and they will put you in touch with the correct person. We hope you will consider making Sunday School part of your Sunday morning routine. In parenthesis after each class name you will find the general location and the leader’s name. Look for signs for upstairs classes at the top of the stairs.


Children & Youth

Nursery (Main church behind parlor – Hannah Milton) This class serves children from birth through 4 or 5 years of age. Each Sunday there is a lesson and an activity that reinforces the lesson. Each week there is a story as well.


Kindergarten and 1st Grade (Main church beside parlor – Ann Wagoner/Cindy Sherron) This class focuses on teaching about God’s love, experiencing it, and giving it. Hands on lessons are often found happening in this class as well as lots of singing.


2nd and 3rd Grade (Main church upstairs – Gwen Hall-DiFabio/Anne Campbell) This class is focused on learning some of the basic Bible stories and starts helping the children learn how to look up scriptures using children’s Bibles. Each class begins with a story and ends with a hands-on-activity and/or craft.


4th and 5th Grade (Main church upstairs – Lori Berry/Janice Hall) This class uses the appropriate level curriculum of the UMC from Cokesbury. They focus on the lesson emphasizing scripture and work on learning the books of the Bible. A hands on activity happens each Sunday as well.


Middle High (Main church upstairs – Angela Wimberly) This class serves students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Topics are relevant to their stage in life and seek to help them deal with peer pressure. Each class there is time for discussion and reflection.


Senior High (Main church upstairs – Cheryl S. Parker) This class serves high school freshmen through seniors. They spend a lot of time sharing and talking. Usually the topics are ones the teens can relate to and the discussion challenges them to apply these biblical truths in order to assist them in navigating their Christian lives in an unchristian world.




Faithful Followers (1st door of the modular – self taught) This class originally consisted of senior members, but now consists of ALL ages and ALL are welcome. This class tries to show love and compassion to each other with cards, notes, visits and phone calls. They study a book called “Keeping Holy Time” which has lesson designated with each Sunday and especially the ‘special’ days of the year.


The Adult Class (Fellowship Hall Choir Room – Mike Parker) The Adult Sunday School class was formed in the 1970's as a young adult class and later merged with what was then the Adult Class. Class members range in age from the 30's to the 80's. Generally we study Bible passages using the standard curriculum materials from Cokesbury and apply those to everyday life situations through the use of questions based on the scriptures.


The Flock (3rd door of the modular – Wesley Tilley) The FLOCK seeks God’s will in their lives by studying God’s word through His scriptures, understanding the traditions and experiences of those who have come before us, and using our reason and intellect. They typically work through short series studies, either with church-wide focus or through study books and/or online literature.


Titus II (Main Church Parlor – Kim Horton) This is an all ladies Sunday School class full of women who love to share joys and concerns and pray for those in need in our congregation, community and world. Time is often spent studying books by Women of Faith, various authors and issues related to women and Christians of all ages.