Music Ministry

Sunday Services

Sunday services will be in the sanctuary at 10:30 am.

Music Ministry

Music is an important part of the life of Walnut Grove, providing leadership in worship and enrichment for the community. The adult music program provides opportunities for the traditional vocal choir, as well as the small contemporary singing group and band. In addition, a small chamber orchestra is organized for special seasonal services.  The pre-k and elementary age children also sing as a group, usually for special occasions.


-To share our faith through different avenues of music

-To lead in worship and provide music with an emphasis on scriptures

-To involve volunteers in the music program of the church

-To reach out to others in the community through music

The various music groups include:

Sanctuary Choir

This group is better known as "the choir" and is made up of adults (and sometimes a few of the youth) who enjoy singing octavos in 4-part harmony.  They provide an anthem at the Sunday morning 11:00am Traditional Service in the sanctuary.  Choir robes are worn during the winter months. The choir sings from the choir loft and comes down to sit in the congregation after the anthem.  Many times they team up with singers and instrumentalists from the Praise Team to offer larger musical anthems for special services such as Homecoming Sunday, Laity Sunday, etc.   On special Sundays of the Christian year, such as Christmas and Easter, a larger musical presentation is usually done with instrumental accompaniment. They meet weekly on Wednesday nights in the Choir/Conference room.

Praise Team

The Praise Team includes two groups - the Praise Singers (better known as "the singers") and the Praise Band (better known as "the band"). They provide music leadership on the stage at the Sunday morning 8:30am Contemporary Service in the Fellowship Hall. The singers are few in number but large in enthusiasm. They are supported by the band which is usually comprised of an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and drums. The services' musical style includes praise and worship music as well as contemporarily written hymns. Both groups meet weekly on Thursday nights in the Fellowship Hall.

Chamber Orchestra/Instrumentalists

Various instruments are utilized during choir anthems, piano/organ instrumental duets, and community combined choir events, etc. In recent years, special musical presentations such as those at Easter and Christmas have been accompanied by a 10 to 12 piece chamber orchestra. Members of this group have included church members and their extended family, community musicians, local high school and college band members. Rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons seasonally.

Cherub Choir

Children ages 3 through Kindergarten make up this merry group of singers. Movement and singing go hand and hand as they learn songs about  God's love. They are frequently combined with the Hallelujah Choir for special singing events. Practices are held on Sunday afternoons at various times of the year.

Hallelujah Choir

Children in grades 1 through 5 make up this energetic and excited bunch.  We use various rhythm instruments and colorful shakers when learning music and doing other music activities. Practices are held on Sunday afternoons at various times of the year.

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